A Poem On The Dangers Of Cultism By Tule Joseph Sunday

He was just five years old
He watched his father die,
They were 3 boys, they wanted his Itel phone
He refused so they shot him. And gave him a Lifeless soul.
Was that how my father died?
He cried till his eyes were cold
To anger, hatred and vengeance his mind gets sold.
Years pass, he grew in that Violent zone
Dolph men and pilots became his tightest bros
They gave him weed and told him, light let's smoke

12 midnight they'd call him guy let's go
He pulled hits, so they made him a strike Exco
Sub-strike he was called. Nicknamed the Mindless Wolf!!
Going to school/education wasn't in his mindset so
He sort to b a recognized norseman, a national pilot those were his life set goals
He anchored ships and observed traditions till he attained the highest post.
Executioner, No.1 Man the Mindless wolf!!
Always with a gun. On his waist he ties white red clothes.

Ofcourse he had a mum
The poor uneducated woman who grieved over her husband so much
that she forgot she Had a son
B4 she remembered he was half way gone
He was already a societal Nuisance a garbage dump!
His uncles? pretended they didn't see the acts play on
He grew up alone with no one to ask aid from
When "who goes there" became his good morning. Nobody asked where he got the language from

When his head was bandaged nobody asked where he got the scarface from
When he moved with a rusty and damaged gun
Nobody asked where he got the cartridge from
When he got arrested. Nobody picked the SARS bail form
He lived life d hard way and became a Savage scum!
Aro Mindless wolf!! Serving Executioner onboard Barakudas marine.
He and his lads sailed on Until one faithful night
They wanted to hunt treasures before they say good night

So they mounted with their hoods all black
A man and his child were on their way from seeing a football match
"Who goes there?? They oited. The father told his son, you run fast!!
The son ran and hid in a food store's back!
They blocked all routes plus paths
So the man couldn't move or pass
Shsssssssssssss stark am stand
Where the H.S and RBS? They asked tha man
As they hacked and pounced
I no carry phone oh! He replied with a scattered sound

i go blow u shot oh! You think say we dey play here? Na me be mindless wolf!! ask around.
Abeg, I no get Phone, abeg! Suddenly, . .... there was a blackout sound
Paoow!!! They all dispersed as the man's brain splashed around.
His son saw everything. He saw as his father became a lifeless soul.
He touched his pocket and felt his dad's Itel phone.
His dad gave it to him during d match. He cried till his eyes were cold
He was only five years old
now to anger, hatred and vengeance his mind gets sold
Now Mindless wolf, has created another Mindless wolf!!

The circle continues.

# PrayForBayelsa
# SayNoToCultism