Not All Super Heroes Wear Capes, Some Are Bakers

This is Portia Gana - A fresh graduate of Niger Delta University, and  the CEO of Portia Confectioneries, a baking company in bayelsa.

I have always seen her post pictures of cakes she made, and it never caught my attention. But recently a friend brought this cake and said she baked it.

Hands down the best cupcakes in town!! WOW, this was a showstopper! I loved how moist and soft the cake was and every flavor balanced out one another, nothing was too sweet! That’s the most I could ask for in a cake.

So if you want customizable cake options for some special occasion, they have a whole consulting room for that! I highly recommend her.

Contact Her
TEL - 0810 318 2466
FB - Portia Gana