LYRICS: Limerick - Panda

They used to think that I was way lesser than a mute. But being quiet doesn't mean that I'm stupid.
It means a whole lot more than that; So I'ma break it down>>

Take em out with a sniper rifle; break em down with the rhymes I smack you>>
Here to mutilate the life of a villain>> you get the bullets from the back of a Nina, Pause!
I'm a boss with the force of the laws of a Milliwatt>> In a Kittykat or the B_tts of the Nikki Minaj>>
Where the Penis stucked; I'm a god of bikini girls
I raise the roof>>

Forcing the mini gods to change the rules; Come with a semi gun I came to shoot
Burst till Eminem, Hop and Jay conclude that these monkeys should finna run like Kangaroos>>
Chopping and heating bars<< hit em when I'm on with the bucks of illegal drugs that they can push..
Tell a man to man up on the Pedal; middle finger to your boss, I don't give a f_ck I paid my dues>>

A bunch o rappers think I'm lame, they must be faggots; never thinking straight>>
Wacko Jackos with the mind of a snake, Kill em with the venom make em die on the stage>>
Nigga modafucking brute, I'ma leave em with no clues when I shoot all the nukes at the losers>>
Fools dema shiver when the dude's 22's gettin pulled; I'm a cannibal that brews a confusion>>

Rap is a Miracle, Choppin it is the Pinnacle.. When you tend to be Lyrical hoping a Label feeling you..
Lyrical Murderer; you better run when a nigga doing a chop and he breaking up a man and Gorillas too>>
From my head to my toe
I'm all about the crown and in case I wanna blow
I'd be coming with a gamma explosion as a panda
The corridors of Power the motion's gon flow (Oh sh_t)

The whole Charisma was insane; and you can run from the truth for all I care
But you cannot hide from it>>

You was a Chopper but I could do faster>>
You was a Lion when I was Mufasa; you wasn't Patient when I was Suzanna
I'm ripping(reaping) a whole of a beat for you farmers>>
Digging a hole with a steel Underground as I'm dipping the foe in the Pit for the last time>>
Heard you was fighting, to hell with the rivals..
Just kill em I don't wanna see no survivals>>

What you gonna do When I'm on a crew? I'm OK as a Maniacal dude if you think so Nigga!
Well I gatta do what I gatta do! Tell a fella 'yaba daba doo' I'm a flintstone Nigga!
Better get a booze! Rappers gonna lose; Lyrically hacking all o you with No Pin code Nigga!
Their rhyming is a fluke; when I put them under camera.. Their Under cover blew like a Tiptoe Nigga!

<< Every time I git a little money I'd be going to the studio; I'd be recording a verse in advance>>
New kid in the block, I'ma rap till I finally become an adult with a Spot and a Job>>
Not Enough? Nah...
I ain got a Backpack; Putting all beefs in a Case? Not an Option;
When they be hailing, my head swells like a Cancer>>
Someone tell em Please, that they ain got the Answer>>

Well I got enough; I still am the dopest of Poets. You guys should have know it
From flow to the Chorus upon us>>
You don't even notice; my flow got the Credits; your own is a Bonus>>
You like it OR Not;
I'm holding the foe cos I told you I roll with the whole of my crew as the mightiest one>>

I'm choking like ____; go in like Zorro with "Z" on their necks when I fight with the sword>>

So much for good delivery. Y'all know delivery was once human; I got carried away so I killed him>>

I flew and Passed the Day's Sun; how could I use my rap to play fun? I could punch you in the face>>
And that would have you shuttled<< I just have to make money(damn)
Don't depend on any. No braggadocio! When its LIME. Dont  talk>>
Y'all føøls evaluate the Maths are carrabaos(massacre about); y'all don't have to say Nothing>>

Calculate rap plus anger, take shots; evacuate the house of Pandas, stay running>>
Save your life and I could save the day, boy!
Take a bike from Pakistan to Lagos>>

Back to the Panda the rapper's manual; designed to cast you back to back Inside a Body bag>>
Cos beat to the P is where the rapper's at and about to slay thugs

(Edo boiy!!)

Shout out to all o my dudes; Bariga niggas they some o my Troops; Show for Ikeja dey form with your goons?>>
Enter BRT dey come Ikotun>>
You no go last when my guys show you shege>>
Jayz, Strike, Steven and David; Xsta Blaze. Even my girl go dent ya face if you near my place>>

B_tch! I've got goons all around; guys that's are ready to have you beheaded>>
Killing  your hopes of a light at the end of a tunnel>> they'll cut you in half when you get there>>
Shout out to all o my guys wey dey try; Christians, Pagans, the hustle is tight>>
Shout out to all o my Muslim fellas, Allah Ham dubilahhi and the rap is a wrap>>

Ya! Panda; sometimes we just don't know what and what is coming towards us
But we cross the bridge the moment we get there.

Flame hauz!!>>

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