Exclusive Interview: One On One With Queen Sweet Owei, Winner Of Miss Green South 2016

Queen Sweet Owei, is the winner of Miss Green South 2016 maiden edition. Here is an exclusive interview with
Mr. Jacob Emmanuel of PromoteNaija;

Please introduce yourself??
I am Miss Owei Sweet Tonbara Luciana
I am from Bayelsa State. Yenagoa Local
Government, Bumoundi
A student of Niger Delta University, in
the Faculty of Management Science,
Department of Insurance.
And currently in 400 level.

Tell us about your background??
I come from a Family of Five.
We are three girls and two boys, and I'm the first child.
I was born in Port Harcourt but raised
in Bayelsa. I currently reside in Yenagoa
with my family.

Did u dream of winning the contest??
Yes i did. I could not stop imagining
myself as the winner. Although at some
point I became scared of the competition
but I never stopped hoping.

How would you describe your experience at the camp?
My experience at camp was interesting
and fascinating. From the fitness routine to dance and catwalk rehearsals, the courtesy visit to Royal FM and other fun activities. Also getting to know the other contestants was fun, especially my room mates.

Was it your first experience of participating in a beauty contest, and if it was, what are the qualities that helped you to win?
I have participated in a beauty contest
before but on school level. It was a
beauty contest for the faculty of
management Science alone.
The Miss Green South is bigger and
massive as it covers a larger scope which is the South region of Nigeria.
Staying focused and grasping all I could
during fitness sessions, dance sessions,
catwalk sessions and pep talks during
camp got me very prepared for the main show.

How did you hear about MGS??
I heard about Miss Green South through
audition flyers and posts on facebook. So I contacted the management through the contact provided on the flyers.

What pet projects do you intend to pursue??
There are lots of projects I'm trying to
put together with the management
ranging from impacting teenagers to
agricultural projects.
But for now I can't let it out totally, as
I'll rather want to have a concrete and complete work ready, as you know the event was only concluded two days ago.


How did your parents react to your
emergence as the queen?
My parents were glad and over joyed.
My mum especially is very proud that I
need emerged the queen.

Who are your heroes and why??
My mum Mrs. Owei Imomotimi and My
Pastor Daddy-Ken A. Bitere are my
My mum is my hero because she is a
strong, independent and courageous
woman who taught me about life,
showed me the right part to follow and
always encourage me to follow my
My Pastor is my hero because He is a
Grace minister and a great inspiration to the youths of this generation, he teaches
the word of grace and the person of Jesus
Christ, showing them the true Gospel.