LYRICS: Krizz Reefa - Yawa

The girl pikin, na her papa pikin
but the pikin resemble another person
All men are the same, she don see
The irony of the story is she’s only
sixteen oh
Young boy, e too dey do busy body
E dey move anything especially if na
money Because e think say na money
wey the brother keep for am
Na so the boy take go drink the
kerosene o

Them say condition na him dey make
crayfish dey bend oh
No be only inside people dey learn oh
Life is a bitch, I dey call her onome oh
You no dey buy, no dey ask her wetin
she dey sell oh

Yawa Ehhhhhhhh x16

If you are pissed off, do not urinate
I’m in the building like I’m tryna
renovate here
I’m getting medals like I’m tryna
decorate yeah
I swear to God, we no dey look uche
face here

Money, power, respesct
Kill yourself by yourself
I’m still blowing my kpef
I’ve got checks to collect
Shey make I sell my soul
Just to get me some wealth

And even if I do, devil sef go reject
Never settle for less
Feel the rizla effect
I’m just jigga finessing
Feel the rizla effect
I’m just jigga finessing
Talking to my connect
R is for respect

Repeat Chorus

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